Friday, October 16, 2009

How Do We Keep Healthy This Season?

So, the seasons are changing, the weather is acting bizarre and lo and behold everyone is getting sick! What to do?! What to do?! Maybe, be grateful?

This is how it works. Our bodies become accustomed to a certain amount of humidity, a certain range of temperature, and a certain pace of life. When these things change, our bodies simply become overwhelmed and go into "clean house" mode. This ends up looking like snot, head congestion, fevers... It is all a way for our bodies to clean out the junk from the previous season and get ready for the new one. THIS IS NATURAL!!! Yes, it's true! Getting sick is totally and completely natural. It is a time for rest, renewal, and perspective.

This perspective is invaluable. Our bodies need it. So instead of fighting it, what if we embraced it, and prepare for it so that it doesn't completely wipe us out?!

Some tips to make it easier on you:

  1. The most important thing to do before the bug hits (and definitely while it is doing its dirty work) is to get a chiropractic adjustment! Getting adjusted boosts the immune system so that your body can act more efficiently in working through the sickness. Stimulating the nervous system to kick the immune system into gear is invaluable in staying as healthy as possible through this season. Even if you are feeling like crap, slide in for your adjustment and get a hearty dose of an immune booster. We don't care if you are contagious. We are all getting adjusted and therefore all getting our immune systems boosted. Also, the family room is available for the extra noisy/coughing/noseblowers. :)
    Check out:
  2. Drink (what my husband calls) Nas-tea This is a recipe that we use in our home to ease the intensity of colds and flus and to help our natural immune response. Boil a big pot of water. Add 1/2 cup to 1 cup chopped fresh ginger (basically a big handful) Add a smaller handful of chopped licorice root Boil these herbs for at least 20 minutes Pour into a cup and add the juice of a lemon. Yum. This will soothe it all.
  3. Be sure to rest. Resting wherever and whenever possible.
  4. Avoid sugar because it directly inhibits immune function. Herbs like Echinacea and
  5. Goldenseal in tincture form can be very beneficial to increase immune function.
  6. If a fever arises, celebrate!! A fever is necessary because the body needs to reach a certain temperature to fight bacteria and viruses. If it gets too high, use cool compresses on your body to moderate it. The worst thing you can do for an infection is prevent or curb a fever. Fevers are good!
  7. Fall and winter are the seasons for going inward. Listen to your inner guide and take extra time to nourish yourself with activities that bring you calm and ease.
  8. Trust yourself! Your body was designed perfectly as it is. If it needs to get snotty, fevery and barfy, let it! Take the time to appreciate all the outward energy that summer required. Remember, infections are just a little inner house cleaning sessions. Its okay. I promise. ;)
    **of course, if you or your child reaches a level of infection that seems like it needs further assistance, please contact your medical provider. Just try all these things first!
The other issue that comes up for lots of us during this season is the flu shot. There are many perspectives on this and here is one of them:

Everybody needs to make this choice for themselves, but whatever you choose, remember that it is absolutely normal and good for you to get sick, just as long as you gather the support to help you through it. Trust your innate healing potential.

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