Monday, January 11, 2010

Welcome baby Lou, a VBAC superstar!

Welcome to the outside world, sweet baby Lou! Lou's mama was past her due date and anticipating a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). She came in for her first adjustment and hours later was in labor. Her body was so smart, it just needed to be set free. After a successful vaginal birth, Lou was born into her parents loving arms.
Many times a baby will stay in the womb until everything is just right. The slightest bit of tension in the pelvis, uterine ligaments, or the rest of the body can trigger the baby and the mama's body to not initiate labor. Because labor and birth are such an exquisite perfect choreography, it is so important to allow as much room and freedom for the baby and mom as possible. The adjustment can provide this very easily.
VBACs are often discouraged against in the hospital setting because there is a myth that the chances of uterine rupture or other catastrophes might arise. But Lou's mama, as well as thousands of other families know better. VBAC's are much safer than c-sections for so many reasons. Over half of cesareans result in complications (from infection to post partum depression) and the mortality rate is 2 to 4 times higher than in vaginal births.
A cesarean can be absolutely life saving, but unfortunately are overused to a dangerous level. Many factors, such as baby and mother positioning, mother's sense of comfort and safety at the birth, and the tension in the pelvis and uterus can greatly affect the end result of c-sections. This is why I recommend to all pregnant women that they get adjusted. It can literally save lives. It takes tremendous strength and diligence to convince many medical care providers that VBACs are a much safer route. Let us spread the truth and allow these babies to have the safest, most beneficial births possible.
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