Monday, February 15, 2010

Welcome Teagan Pearl! Mama Julie talks about her experience through labor...

Congratulations to Julie and Justin on the birth of their amazing daughter Teagan. Their connection and intimacy through labor truly shone through. Through their labor, I kept thinking in my head, 'this is how it should always go...' Amazing family. Indeed.

Here is what Julie has to say about her experience with chiropractic, using a doula, and natural childbirth:

"Our beautiful daughter Teagan was born wednesday at kaiser wc, with my husband on one side of me, and Kenda on the other. Choosing to have a doula at my birth, and choosing Kenda as my doula, were two of the most important and best decisions I made about my pregnancy and delivery. I am convinced that my deep trust in Kenda's knowledge and abilities was a central factor in what was a fast, natural childbirth. As soon as I began working with Kenda, I knew I would be totally supported and taken care of through my pregnancy and delivery, and that's exactly what happened. I will always be grateful to Kenda for bringing her warmth, strength, and knowledge to my pregnancy and our daughter's birth." -Julie, mom to Teagan, born 2/10/2010, weighing 7 pounds, 7 ounces, 7 hour labor!


  1. Hi Kenda,

    It's such a small world....Julie and I grew up together in Marin, so that's the second time I had seen these adorable pictures...I'm so happy for her (and happy that you were her doula)!

    xo Heather W.

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